Christina's Cocina Mexican Cafe



2201 Silver Bow Blvd
Butte, Montana
(406) 723-8444


Open 11:00 am every day.  Closing varies according to season.


gold star award

best of the best

christinas mexican restaurantAn award winning restaurant, Christina's Cocina Café, (Cocina means kitchen in Spanish) is out of the way but worth the find. This café is owned by the McGrath family. They also own the attached bar called McGrath's Pub. Theirs is the only establishment they know of that has a Mexican Restaurant and an Irish Pub. This is very typical of Butte's ethnic diversity. They have been in business since 1980. They relocated after a tragic fire in 1998.

Christina's Cocina Café has won the people's choice award in several categories. These include Best Mexican restaurant, best restaurant service, best kept inside, best lunch, and best waitress. The menu is filled with an abundance of homemade dishes. They even offer a children's menu with complimentary ice cream sundae if they color the picture on back of the menu. The café offers party trays to go, catering on and off premise, private banquet room (capacity of 54 people), and lunch deliveries. They have several buffets to choose from plus an hors d'oeuvre menu. It is known for its "heaping tostadas" with their own green goddess dressing, chicken cilantro rolls, and various combinations of fajitas. McGrath's Pub and Lounge and Casino offers its signature margaritas and specialty Island Oasis drinks.

Their establishment has received the Gold Star award from the health dept. which they are very proud of.

They are open 7 days a week at 11 a.m. for lunch and dinner. Remember for homemade Mexican for with a Mex-Tex flair come by or call your friendly folks at Christina's Cocina Café and McGrath's Pub. "Good times, Cold beer, and great food."

*Note – To pronounce Cocina correctly, the middle c sounds like an "s."